Suarez was born in 1985 by the Power of her founder Adriana Nilda Suarez and her first production, has been the eau de parfum Nanì Suarez that became immediately successful. The company manufacturs also for prestigious names in the cosmetics industry, products as bath foam, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, hair cream, deo roll-on and stick, parfumes, aftershave, colonia, body spray scented water, parfume for home and also produces its own brands such as: Nani – Sweet care – Sweet home.
Our productions observe European standards and are rigorously Made in Italy.
Our policy is to satisfy all age groups providing quality products at competitive prices. Another feature is our ability to adapt and customize all the needs that we have to accomplish, providing optimized solutions and always in very short time both for production and for deliveries .

We hope to continue this success with new creations.